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Why Attending a Chinese Language School in China is the best choice for you?

In recent years, China’s economy has been growing rapidly. More and more foreigners choose to come to China to look for job opportunities. However, the language barrier is one of the main problems foreigners encounter in their daily life as many local Chinese people don’t understand English. Consequently, studying Chinese is a mission to complete for most foreigners. In China, you can choose to study Chinese at university or in a Chinese language school. However, there are certain benefits that you can get from attending a Chinese language school in comparison with studying Chinese in universities.

  • Flexible Schedule

    Unlike studying Chinese in universities, where students learn Chinese according a fixed schedule (like 10am-12am, Monday to Friday), most of Chinese language schools offer 1-on-1 classes which provide extremely flexible schedule. Students may cancel or postpone a class 24 hours in advance. Besides, 1-on-1 classes allow students to learn Chinese more efficiently and quickly improve Chinese language skills as the teacher will 100% focus on the student’s performance and progress.

  • More Conducive Learning Environment

    A traditional way to study Chinese at university is that 20-30 students sit together in a big classroom and listen to one teacher, this means students have less chance to practice in class. If you choose to study in a small-group class in a Chinese language school, where there are only 2-5 students study in one class, it will certainly provide a more conducive learning environment and allow you to interact with other classmates and the teacher.

  • Learn Chinese Wherever You Want

    Almost all Chinese language school offers online classes and classes at the student’s home or office. This is obviously another advantage over studying Chinese in universities as you don’t need to worry about whether you live far away from the university or not. Moreover, no matter you are having a class online or a face-to-face class at your location, the quality of Chinese lessons offered is the same as it of those offered on campus. Finally, online classes are usually carried out on a 1-on-1 basis, therefore your home tutoring courses can be tailor-made according to your personal goals and needs.

  • Know More about Chinese Culture

    Many Chinese language schools in China organize Chinese cultural events from time to time, such as calligraphy, paper-cutting, making dumplings. This is a good opportunity for students to experience authentic Chinese culture and know more about local traditions. In addition, students can make new friends on cultural events. It is always exciting to build up friendship through learning a new language, and it may help increase students’ interest in studying Chinese.

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