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Learn Chinese In Beijing

Here you can trace China’s history that transformed Beijing into what it is today. From the majestic Great Wall to the Forbidden City, your Chinese journey will be filled with wonders.


Why Study Abroad In China?

  • Immersive Chinese lessons

    The easiest way to acquire Mandarin Chinese as a second language is by studying and living in China. Mixing the language with the culture will give you a deeper understanding of how Mandarin is used to communicate among the natives. Our 1-on-1 intensive Chinese language program can help you to learn the grammar and vocabulary of the Chinese language, putting what you’ve learned into context.

  • HSK preparation courses

    Come to our Beijing Chinese language school where you can prepare for your HSK exam. No matter which level you’re studying for, you’re guaranteed to ace your exam. Our teachers will teach you using our effective teaching methods. Studying Chinese overseas, whether in Beijing or Shanghai, will be a richer experience, whether it’s to pass a Chinese exam or to elevate your skills to a new height.



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Explore The City

What makes That’s Mandarin Beijing a great place to study Chinese? Watch the video to find out.

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