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Joint programs with university

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That’s Mandarin is partnering with Chengde University to offer joint Chinese programs.
A student visa will be provided.


What Make Our Joint Programs Unique

Student Visa (X2)

Our joint program offers a 6-month student visa to study at Chengde University and That’s Mandarin. This allows you to study Chinese and travel within China while enrolled in our program.

Dual Cities Experience

If you choose to study in Chengde and Beijing/Shanghai, you can experience the diverse cultures of both cities. Each place has its own unique characters, with specialty cuisines of its own.

Flexible schedule

This joint program runs year-round, which means you can start your Chinese course anytime. We suggest to sign up at least 3 months in advance to secure your spot and for visa application.

Get cultured

Given the low number of foreigners living in Chengde, you will have more opportunities to hang out with the locals and improve your Mandarin and understanding of Chinese cultures.

Cost effective

Our joint Chinese programs offer good benefits for a good price, which include accommodation at Chengde University. Assistance is also provided to students who may need help with other things.

Highlights Of Chengde City

  • About the city

    Chengde is a prefecture-level city in Hebei province, situated northeast of Beijing. It is best known as the site of the Mountain Resort, a vast imperial garden and palace formerly used by the Qing emperors as summer residence.

  • World heritage sites

    Chengde is most famous for its world cultural heritage sites: the Mountain Resort (the largest royal garden in China) and the Eight Outer Temples (外八庙), built in varying architectural styles drawn from throughout China.

  • Weather

    Chengde has a four-season, monsoon-influenced humid continental climate. Winters are moderately long, cold and windy, but dry, and summers are hot and humid. Near the city, however, temperatures are much cooler than they are in Beijing.

Study And Explore

Did you know that with our joint-program visa you could study for 4 months and have 2 months to travel in China?

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