There is a lot to do and see in the city from historic temples, to the iconic Bund
skyline and hundreds of museums, art galleries and parks. An eclectic mix of modern
and traditional architecture, Shanghai has been a melting-pot for people
from all over China and the world since it became a major trading port in the 17th Century.

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Shanghai has the largest metro system in the world and is one of the easiest to get around, with colour-coded lines and directions in Chinese and English. It also connects the two international airports in Shanghai. Prices start at 3RMB.


Shanghai also boasts the largest bus network in the world. Buses run 24 hours and go to every corner of the city. Bus journeys cost only 2RMB per trip. As the bus route information is only in Chinese, please check before your journey.


Taxis in China are generally cheaper than in other countries, providing the most comfortable way to travel and the fastest when there is no traffic jam. You can hail a taxi on the street or order one through various mobile apps.


Shanghainese food is generally sweet; the city consumes the most sugar in China! There are many well-known dishes that originate from here including soy-braised pork, lion head meatballs and the takeaway classic, sweet & sour. Shanghai is famous for dumplings. When you’re in the city, make sure you take the time to try the city’s signature xiaolong bao, huntun and shengjian dumplings.


Shanghai has the most developed nightlife scene in China with everything from boutique cocktail bars to expansive mega-clubs. You can head to Yongkang Lu, a street lined with Western style pubs and bars, or to the Bund, where you can find classy bars with an amazing panoramic view of the Shanghai skyline.


The summers in Shanghai are generally pretty hot and sticky. Temperatures regularly reach 40°C (104°F) with humidity of between 70% and 80%. Winters are relatively mild; temperatures rest around 10 degrees, although be prepared for icy winds and the odd day of 0°C. Shanghai also experiences frequent rainfalls throughout the year making umbrellas and waterproof boots essential to have.

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