Traditional Chinese Breakfast Items

May 24, 2019 | Chinese Food

Have you ever tried a Traditional Chinese style breakfast?
Chinese breakfast options are endless!

In our new That’s Mandarin Vlog video, Julie has showed her favorite Chinese breakfast items.

Traditional Chinese Breakfast [Youtube video]:

Traditional Chinese Breakfast [Youku video]:

A Place to Try Traditional Chinese Breakfast In Shanghai

The breakfast place we visited is located near our Shanghai campus and it’s often where we pick up breakfast on the way to work:

桃园眷村 (Táoyuán Juàncūn)

Traditional Chinese Breakfast Items you should Try

Here’re are some of the most popular items on the breakfast menu in Shanghai – and we recommend you try all of them:


1. Steamed veggie buns

香菇素菜包 (xiānggū sùcàibāo) 13RMB.

Steamed buns (包子bāo zi) are very popular among Chinese people when deciding what to eat for breakfast. These buns usually present themselves as sweet or savory fillings wrapped in dough.

Baozi Steamed Buns - Traditional Chinese Breakfast Items | That's Mandarin Blog

2. Fried dough stick

油条 (yóutiáo) 8RMB.

Deep-fried dough sticks (油条yòu tiáo) are another type of traditional Chinese breakfast. As China has become more open to foreign cultures, deep-fried dough sticks obtained a posh nickname as “Chinese-style French baguette” in that their shape resembles a French baguette. 

Youtiao Fried Dough Stick - Traditional Chinese Breakfast Items | That's Mandarin Blog

3. Sugar-free soybean milk

无糖豆浆 (wútáng dòujiāng) 10RMB

Doujiang Soybean Milk - Traditional Chinese Breakfast Items | That's Mandarin Blog

Only 31RMB for a delicious & nutritious breakfast you can share with a friend!

Learn more about what Chinese people have traditionally for breakfast in part I and in part II

What’s your favorite Chinese breakfast?
And is there any breakfast item you’d like to learn more about?

Share in comments or or tweet us at @thatsmandarin. And subscribe to our Youtube Channel!


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