Goodbye Summer Camp, Hello Winter Camp

Goodbye Summer Camp, Hello Winter Camp

Summer this year marked another success for That’s Mandarin at organizing and running its Chinese Summer Camps in both Beijing and Shanghai. As were the previous years, this year’s camp was also a mix of nationalities and ages. We had students from the Netherlands, Singapore, Russia, USA, etc. All in all, the campers represented different nationalities and they range from 6 years old to 18 years old.

While students were always grouped based on their ages and Chinese skills for the Chinese lessons, students also had the chance to mix with all other campers for the fun activities and games. This added extra benefits to their social experience. We also introduced some new activities this year to make sure our campers stay active at camp.

With the end of summer and Chinese summer camp, we are now getting ready for the Chinese Winter Camp. Scheduled to start this November 20th, the Winter Camp will be similar to the Chinese Summer Camp in its structure and curriculum. You can choose to go to Beijing or Shanghai.

winter camp - field trip 13

Students who sign up now (3 months in advance) will enjoy 10% off the original price.