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  • Beijing School Location

    Our school in Beijing is conveniently located in the city center, close to many different country’s embassies and only within 5-10 minutes from Sanlitun and Workers’ Stadium. It easily accessible by bus, taxi and metro.

  • Our School Design & Facilities

    That’s Mandarin Beijing occupies the entire building (6 floors in total!), with a rooftop terrace, a lounge and a student dormitory. The school has a calm and relaxing vibe, the perfect environment for learning Chinese. Each of our 33 brightly-lit classrooms is equipped with a computer, a white board and WIFI access to help you learn Mandarin using our Chinese language learning platform, Mandarin Cafe.

  • The Extras

    We offer unlimited coffee, tea and water at the lounge area to help you stay hydrated. You’re welcome to refill and enjoy the beverages any time! Or you can always visit the bakery that’s situated on the ground floor of our school building.


Jiaozhou Road Campus

  • School Location

    This campus is located on Jiaozhou Road, and you can easily walk there from the Yuyuan Road campus within 5 minutes. It is also easily accessible by bus, metro and taxi.

  • School Design & Amenities

    The Jiaozhou Road campus occupies the whole office building and has a quiet surrounding (no other offices are around) and there is no need to wait for the elevator at this campus! The campus is brightly lit, with a design that reflects comfort and modernity. It’s fully air-conditioned, making it a great place to study in all seasons. Classrooms are all fitted with a computer, a big screen, comfortable seats and has a WIFI access.

  • The Extras

    Unlimited beverages of coffee, tea and water are available at all times in the lounge. You can help yourself to the drinks. Next door are some convenient stores, restaurants, shops, etc.

  • Jiaozhou Road Campus Building
  • Jiaozhou Road Campus Reception Area
  • Jiaozhou Campus Classroom
  • Jiaozhou Road Campus Classroom
  • Jiaozhou Road Campus Lounge Area
  • Jiaozhou Road Campus Lounge Area
  • Jiaozhou Road Campus Lounge Area

Yuyuan Road Campus

  • Shanghai School Location

    This campus is located on Yuyuan Road, which is within a minute walk from the metro station, Jingan Temple station. You can also take a bus or taxi to this campus.

  • School Design & Amenities

    Our Yuyuan Road campus is designed to create a harmonious environment that is conducive to Chinese learning. You can sit comfortably in your class and study Chinese using our state-of-the-art computer technology with a big digital screen and WIFI access. The Yuyuan Road campus has a panoramic view of the city and  you can see the city beautifully lit up in the evening.

  • The Extras

    Enjoy free-flow beverages (coffee, tea and water) at our Shanghai school. In the summer, we even prepare some ice water to cool you down! There are also many restaurants and shops around if you’re feeling hungry.

  • China Summer CAMP


  • Summer Classes
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  • Shenzhen School Location

    We will soon reveal the exact location of our Shenzhen campus when it’s ready to be launched! Like our other schools, That’s Mandarin Shenzhen is located in the heart of the city, with easy access by public transportations. You will be able to find many amenities that suit your needs.

  • Our School Design & Facilities

    That’s Mandarin Shenzhen aims to recreate the same conducive Chinese learning environment as our other schools. Students of Intensive Chinese Programs can sit comfortably even for long hours in our well-designed classrooms. The campus is spacious and has a built-in lounge for our students to relax in while taking a break from their Mandarin classes. Expect to use an advanced computing technology for your Mandarin Chinese classes at this campus.

  • The Extras

    Stay refreshed by taking advantage of our free-flow coffee, tea and water! You’re welcome to take a drink to your Mandarin lessons or enjoy it at our school lounge.


  • Mandarin Cafe

    That’s Mandarin has more than 13 years of experience in Chinese language teaching and a management team with over 30 years of experience in educational technology. With our combined experiences, we aim to become a global leader in language education by developing innovative teaching methods combining both internet technology and traditional Chinese culture. Thus, Mandarin Cafe was born and has since been at the core of our Chinese language teaching.

  • The Study Platform

    Mandarin cafe is a multi-functional Chinese language learning platform with live video capabilities, a self-study system and a progress tracking system. This online platform is fully integrated with our on-site classes, meaning everything that a student learns in the classroom will be recorded and can later be retrieved on Mandarin Cafe.

    Online students who are taking private Mandarin lessons will use Mandarin Cafe in the same way and has all the tools they might need to aid their learning on this platform.

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