Online Chinese Classes During the Pandemic

This pandemic might’ve affected our livelihoods – but it never affected our passion for teaching and learning Chinese. 

Since February, our in-house IT department together has been working around the clock together with the product team to provide a stable environment for online classes, so that our teachers and students could communicate safely from the comfort of their homes.

That's Mandarin online Chinese classes during pandemic

To those around the world who are stuck at home

With more time on your hands, and with plenty of free resources available online, you might’ve already set up a goal for yourself to learn Chinese.

But it’s easy to get lost in the sea of content and give up language learning altogether. That is why we’ve always strongly believed in the importance of having a teacher to help you navigate through your learning journey, and achieve learning goals faster. And thanks to the age we live in, you can easily do it online!

With our tailor-made platform and content graded by HSK levels, you can stop worrying that you will miss something out – and focus on the best things about language learning which are having a sense of discovery, a sense of progress, and simply having fun.

That's Mandarin will be waiting for you as soon as the pandemic is over.

To those who are in China

If you are in China (and even more so, if you already are our student) you might be wondering when our schools will reopen. We’re keeping a close eye on the government announcements regarding the re-opening of language schools, and as of April, we hope that it will happen very soon.

But don’t wait! We strongly recommend you to switch to online Chinese classes for the time being. Don’t let this situation get in the way of your learning progress. You can always switch back to offline classes later.

As more and more of our students have been switching to online Chinese classes during the pandemic, we’re happy to educate and inspire you through the distance. The pandemic will be over one day – and it’s the choices you make now that will shape the future you and how you come out of it.

Wherever in the world you are, take care – and we can’t wait to see you again soon!