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Small Group Online Chinese Classes Features

  • Learn with Your Peers

    You will be placed in a group of students of different backgrounds/nationalities but similar Chinese level as you.

  • Learning Platform

    We use our own learning platform for online classes called NihaoCafe to enhance students’ Mandarin learning experience.

  • Unique Methodology

    Our special methodology ensures students can learn effectively and achieve their learning goals even in limited time.

  • Group Online Chinese Classes | That's Mandarin
  • Group Online Chinese Classes | That's Mandarin
  • Group Online Chinese Classes | That's Mandarin
  • Online Chinese Classes | That's Mandarin
  • Chinese Learning Platform NihaoCafe | That's Mandarin
  • Chinese Learning Platform NihaoCafe | That's Mandarin
  • Chinese Learning Platform NihaoCafe | That's Mandarin

What is Small Group Online Chinese Program?

This program is the best choice for those who prefer to study Chinese remotely. This way you can have live classes with our certified professional teachers anytime and anywhere. All you need is phone/laptop and the internet connection.

You will be placed in a group and have online lessons with other students of similar Chinese level. That way you can make the most out of this program and learn Mandarin along with your peers.

Last but not least, we use our own unique platform for online classes – NihaoCafe. It’s super easy to use, so your class experience will be smooth and seamless. All the content and teacher’s notes automatically get recorded into the system, so it’s easy to review your classes. There’s a also huge teaching resource database, so you can prepare for your future online Chinese classes in advance. 

Learn Chinese Online – Online Chinese Classes Content [2020]

  • Communication skills
  • Speaking practice
  • Real-life situations
  • Modern Chinese expressions
  • HSK Vocabulary
  • Daily Vocabulary
  • Useful Grammar
  • Set Phrases
  • Slang & Idioms
  • Chinese culture
  • Natural wonders
  • Famous sights
  • Festivals & traditions
  • Classic literature, opera & art
  • Discovering interesting topics
  • Discussing global topics
  • Social phenomena
  • Cultural differences

What is It Like Studying at That’s Mandarin?

View the video about our NihaoCafe and join our online Chinese classes.

Small Group Online Chinese Classes Schedule

Class Options


08:00-09:50AM students in the Americas (evening classes) 04:00-05:50PM 07:00-08:50PM
15:00-16:50PM students in Europe (morning classes) 7:00-8:50AM 10:00-11:50AM
19:00-20:50PM students in Europe (afternoon classes) 6:00-07:50AM 11:00-12:50AM 14:00-15:50PM


2020 Starting dates:

Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 15

Small Group Online Chinese Course Price Starts from 84RMB

Small group online Chinese classes are suitable for students who want to learn Chinese at their place. We use our own unique learning platform for online classes. Sign up for your first class right now!

Small Group Online Classes

From RMB 84 ./class
  • 2 classes/day
  • Certfied native teachers
  • Unique online platform
  • 24/7 access to the class
  • Free trial class

Compare That’s Mandarin (TM) to Other Chinese Laguage Schools

  • Teachers

    TM: Full-time, experienced teachers who completed our training course.

    Others: Freelance teachers, often hired with no experience/certification.

  • Online learning platform

    TM: Free access to our online/mobile app.

    Others: No online/mobile platform.

  • Technology & school environment

    TM: Well-lit, clean, modern classrooms equipped with Apple computers.

    Others: No computers/high-tech learning aids.

  • Free beverages

    TM: Unlimited coffee and tea.

    Others: No free beverages.

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