So, you decided to learn Chinese in China with That’s Mandarin? Excellent choice! Now, let’s see what steps you should take next. And don’t worry – we’ll be there with you all the way. For our online Chinese classes the application process is even easier!

Application Process at That’s Mandarin

Step 1 Contact us
First, send us a message listing down your preferences: type of course (private/group), duration, start date, learning goals, current level, additional services (like accommodation or visa), etc.
Step 2 Choose your program
Our course consultant will suggest you a few of the most suitable courses, and options to choose from. Upon your request, we can also create a tailor-made course just for you.
Step 3 Take a Placement Test
Once the course is selected, you will take a level test to estimate your level of Chinese, so that we can place you in the most suitable group, or customize the lessons to your level.
Step 4 Confirm Your Study Plan
Once you complete the placement test, we will prepare a study plan for you that will summarize your course goals, schedule, and content.
Step 5 Sign the Contract
You will get a printed copy of a contract to sign at the school, or a scanned copy to sign remotely if you’re not in China.
Step 6 Pay the Course Tuition
You can pay for your course using Cash, Credit Card, Debit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer, WeChat or Alipay.
Step 7 Apply for a Visa (if needed)
After you sign the contract and pay the tuition fee, you can apply for a China visa (if you’re outside China). For short-term courses, you can apply for a tourist visa. We can also provide you with a student visa, and send all the necessary documents and an invitation to you.
Step 8 Arrive to China and Start Learning
If you arrive to China from abroad, we can pick you up at the airport, or you can come to our school yourself. From here, your Chinese learning journey begins!

What is the Level System for Chinese language Classes?

 That′s Mandarin classes

That′s Mandarin classes

Our curriculum is in sync with the current HSK level system. Go to That’s Mandarin Level System Page to find out more about our course levels.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Chinese programs and courses, send us a message. We will reply to you within 24 hours. You can also use the form below to apply for the course.