Mandarin 1-on-1 Courses

Mandarin 1-on-1 Private Course Features

  • Flexible Lesson Content

    Lesson content is customized to your needs, based on your interests and goals.

  • Flexible Schedule

    You can take either an intensive course or a part-time course, and choose your own class time and duration (subject to availability).

  • Personalized Attention

    In 1-on-1 classes, you have the teacher at your full disposal to help you at every inch of your learning progress.

What is Chinese 1-on-1 Private Program?

1-on-1 Private Chinese Course is the best choice for students who seek personalized attention and want to learn Chinese at their own pace and time.

Lesson schedule and content are flexible. We will customize your study process according to your own interests, so you can achieve your goals with us.

The course curriculum can be totally tailor-made, for example, with focus on business vocabulary or on HSK preparation.

The teachers will be there to help you track and boost your learning progress. You will be covering one TM Level within 30 classes.

You can choose to learn in one of 3 Chinas biggest cities: Beijing, Shanghai, or Shenzhen. Or learn Chinese online.

Course Curriculum

What you will be studying and how you can upgrade your lessons and learn more.


All of our Chinese lessons focus on building your speaking and listening skills, with a special emphasis on pronunciation, intonation and the proper use of grammar.

You will also build on your vocabulary list. In no time, you will be able to understand and express yourself fluently in daily conversations with the local Chinese.

Reading & Writing

You have the option to add Reading & Writing classes to your program. From reading a menu to an article, you will be able to recognize many Chinese characters.

Reading & Writing is an essential aspect of the Chinese language that will improve your overall comprehension skills in listening, speaking and understanding Mandarin.

HSK Preparation

The official Chinese proficiency exam, HSK, is not just used for Chinese university entrance anymore. Your HSK test score can determine the number of points you can gain to count towards your Chinese work visa eligibility.

Add an HSK Preparation course that will equip you with the right knowledge to ace the exam. A mock exam is included.

What is It Like Studying at That’s Mandarin?

View the great feedback from our former students who took 1-on-1 classes with us.

Compare That’s Mandarin (TM) to Other Chinese Laguage Schools

  • Teachers

    TM: Full-time, experienced teachers who completed our training course.

    Others: Freelance teachers, often hired with no experience/certification.

  • Online learning platform

    TM: Free access to our online/mobile app.

    Others: No online/mobile platform.

  • Technology & school environment

    TM: Well-lit, clean, modern classrooms equipped with Apple computers.

    Others: No computers/high-tech learning aids.

  • Free beverages

    TM: Unlimited coffee and tea.

    Others: No free beverages.

What is the Level System for Chinese Language Classes?

Our curriculum is in sync with the current HSK level system. Go to That’s Mandarin Level System Page to find out more about our course levels.

 That′s Mandarin classes

That′s Mandarin classes

Chinese Language School Locations

Campus Locations

All our campuses are conveniently located downtown, close to the subway and bus stations. Here’s the guide to getting to our campuses in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen).

Application Process for Chinese Language Programs in 2020

Application Process

So, you decided to learn Chinese in China with That’s Mandarin? Excellent choice! Now, let’s see what steps you should take next. And don’t worry – we’ll be there with you all the way.

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1-on-1 Private Chinese Program FAQs

We recommend applying at least 3 months in advance to guarantee you will get a spot in a program of your choice, with your preferred schedule. By applying early, you can also benefit from our early bird discount.

Furthermore, you will need to apply for a Chinese visa at least 30 days in advance and longer if you’re applying for a student X2 visa (for long-term Chinese courses only).

Each class lasts 50 minutes. As the vast majority of our students take more than one class per day, a ten-minute break between classes proves to be both necessary and helpful for students to process what they’ve just learned.

A part-time course includes about 4 hours of lessons per week. An intensive course ranges from 6 to 30 hours of lessons per week.

All of our classes are taught in Chinese to give students a fully immersive Chinese experience. Even for absolute beginners, our teachers will only use limited English to help you understand. Our teacher will use pictures, videos, signs, and gestures to help students learn. As your Chinese level progresses, less and less English will be used in your classes and you will be able to understand more and more Chinese every day.

Our teachers are all native Chinese speakers and are university graduates with majors in Chinese language education or Chinese literature. They have also previously obtained a “teaching Mandarin as a second language” certificate before they joined us and successfully completed That’s Mandarin’s mandatory Teachers Training Course (TTC).

Our students come from all over the world, from all facets of life! We’ve had students ranging from 5 to 60 years old as we offer a variety of courses for different age groups and different professions.

We can arrange a free trial class for you so that you can experience our methods directly and find out what makes us different from other Chinese language schools. It will also give you a chance to meet our teachers and to discuss your exact requirements so that we can put together the best possible course for you. We will also give you some recommendations and make a study plan for you after the trial lesson.

Sign up for a free trial class now.

Yes, you can register for the HSK exam at our school. We also offer HSK preparation courses which are extremely popular with students looking to get into Chinese universities or those who are applying for a job and a job permit in China.

Your visa type will depend on the type of Chinese course you sign up for.

For a short-term course, you can simply apply for a tourist visa. It’s the least complicated visa to apply for that allows you to study with us.

For a long-term course, you can apply for a student X2 visa, for which you will be required to provide a number of documents, like a school acceptance letter, financial record, etc.

For more detailed information, please contact our staff.

Yes, we can provide both airport pick up and drop off services. Just let us know your departure or arrival information at least 2 weeks in advance and we will promptly get back to you with pricing information. Contact us.

We can help you to arrange your accommodation in China. Please go to the Shanghai school page, Beijing school page or Shenzhen school page to get more information. Or contact us directly with your accommodation requirements.