What Services Do We Provide to Our Students?

If you decide to learn Chinese in China with That’s Mandarin, we are happy to help you with any step of your learning journey. We provide different services to our students and our staff are eager to help you with anything you might struggle with during your Chinese courses.

Airport Pick-up/Drop-off

If you come to China to learn Chinese for the first time and are worried to get lost in a big city, we’re glad to help you and pick you up at the airport.

  • Safe

    You won’t get lost

  • Comfortable

    We will pick you up straight at the airport


We can help you find a great place to stay during your visit to China. Choose between homestay, a partner hotel or an apartment studio. Find out more about our accommodation options in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.

  • Convenient

    We will help you find your perfect place

  • Variety to Choose from

    You can choose from a homestay, a partner hotel or an apartment studio

Visa Support

We can provide you with Student X2 or Tourist Visa and prepare all necessary documents. Just contact us and we’ll help you choose the most suitable type of visa for your visit.

  • No Worries

    We will help you prepare all the documents

  • Flexible Types

    We can help you apply for a tourist Chinese visa or provide all the documents for your student visa

Learning Materials

We can provide you with all the textbooks and learning materials necessary for your Chinese classes. Contact us to learn more about our in-house materials.

  • Study Anywhere

    With our learning materials, you can continue your studies even if you’re not in the class

  • Online Platform

    It is extremely convenient and free to use for all of our students

24/7 Support

Our course consultants are eager to help you with any questions you have. Struggling to find accommodation? Not sure how to find a perfect samba school? We’re here to help you make the most out of your stay in China.

  • Friendly Staff

    Our staff is more than eager to help you with any problem you might face

  • Stay in Touch

    We’re all family here and happy to be bound together even after our students’ graduate

Survival Handbook

Afraid of coming to an unknown place for the first time? Don’t know how to top-up your phone or where to go shopping? We’ve got you covered! Our staff will provide you with a useful handbook on how to survive in China.

  • Useful

    You can find all the important information about life in China

  • Stay Informed

    We’re always working on this handbook so that the information stays up to date

What is the Level System for Chinese language Classes?

 That′s Mandarin class

That′s Mandarin class

Our curriculum is in sync with the current HSK level system. Go to That’s Mandarin Level System Page to find out more information about our course system.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Chinese programs and courses, send us a message. We will reply to you within 24 hours. You can also use the form below to apply for the course.