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The Benefits of Our Intensive Chinese Programs

  • HSK courses | Learn Chinese in China with That's Mandarin
  • Group Classes | Learn Chinese in China with That's Mandarin
  • Intensive group Chinese Mandarin program, Learn Chinese in China, Study Chinese,
  • Tm students 1
  • High Effectiveness

    You can complete 1 level of study in 4 weeks, which means you will learn much more and be able to master the language faster. It’s a time-saving program!

  • Small Group Class

    With only up to 6 students/class, you’ll get more attention from the teacher and learn more in one lesson. Plus you can meet other international students from different countries/backgrounds.

  • Perfect for Short-Term Students

    This program is designed for students who want to accomplish more within a shorter period of time.

Intensive Chinese Program Details

  • Focus on listening & speaking skills
  • Mon-Fri; 09:00-11:50 am
  • 15 classes/week
  • Complete 1 level in 4 weeks
  • Max. 6 students/class
  • Grouped by level of Chinese ability

2019 Start Dates

Total Beginner Level: Jan 7, Feb 18, Mar 4, Apr 1, May 6, Jun 3, Jun 17, Jul 1, Jul 15, Jul 29, Aug 12, Sep 2, Oct 7, Nov 4, Dec 2

Students of other levels can start on any Monday.

Conversational Chinese

Our classes focus on improving your ability to listen, speak and understand the Chinese language, as opposed to reading & writing. Your teachers will help you to build a strong foundation to master real-life Chinese as spoken daily by native Chinese speakers. After a few classes, you will notice a significant improvement in your listening and speaking skills.

Topics covered include: self-introduction, restaurant, transportation, dating and shopping.


Choose to study in Beijing, Shanghai or Shenzhen. The more classes you purchase, the cheaper they get. (Prices exclude 1-on-1 classes)

24 Weeks

RMB 1275 ./week
Only RMB 85/class
  • 15 classes per week
  • 3 classes/day
  • Max. 6 students/class
  • Free online platform

12 Weeks

RMB 1425 ./week
Only RMB 95/class
  • 15 classes per week
  • 3 classes/day
  • Max. 6 students/class
  • Free online platform

8 Weeks

RMB 1575 ./week
Only RMB 105/class
  • 15 classes per week
  • 3 classes/day
  • Max. 6 students/class
  • Free online platform

4 Weeks

RMB 1875 ./week
Only RMB 125/class
  • 15 classes per week
  • 3 classes/day
  • Max. 6 students/class
  • Free online platform

Make It a Comprehensive Chinese Program

Combine your Intensive Group classes with 1-on-1 classes that will give you a well-rounded learning experience.

Add 1-on-1 Classes

Amp up your Chinese level by adding 1-on-1 classes to your Intensive Program. With much more flexibility than a group program, you can customize your class schedule, location and lesson content, i.e. decide on the topics you want to learn or a specific skill you want to work on, whether it’s your listening, speaking or reading & writing skills.

Reading, Writing & HSK

By adding 1-on-1 classes, you have the option to add Reading & Writing classes or the HSK Preparation Course to your program. Reading & Writing is an essential aspect of the Chinese language that will improve your overall comprehension skills in listening, speaking and understanding Mandarin. When you’re ready, you can take the HSK test to prove your proficiency or to apply for university, a work visa or a job in China.

Compare That’s Mandarin (TM) to Other Schools

  • Group classes

    TM: Max. 6 students per class.

    Others: 8-10 students per class

  • Hidden fees

    TM: None. What you see is what you get.

    Others: Registration fee, handling fee.

  • Teachers

    TM: Full-time, experienced teachers who have completed training.

    Others: Freelance teachers; often have no experience / certification.

  • Online learning platform

    TM: Free access to our online/mobile app.

    Others: No online/mobile platform.

  • Technology & school environment

    TM: Well-lit classrooms equipped with Apple computers.

    Others: No computers/high-tech learning aids.

  • Free beverages

    TM: Unlimited coffee and tea.

    Others: No free beverages.

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Quality Service

We provide on-going support to our students during their courses and even after they have completed their programs with us. Simply approach our Course Consultant with any questions.

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