Chinese Culture Quiz

Jun 4, 2021 | Quizzes

Hey you, yes – YOU! How much do you really know about China & Chinese culture?

Because it’s time for a Chinese Culture Quiz!

Chinese Language & Culture Quiz | That's Mandarin

 Let us know how it goes, mkay?



Chinese Culture Quiz

Chinese Language & Culture Quiz, Part I

Just starting to learn Chinese? Take this quick quiz to test your basic knowledge of China!

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1. How many of the major modern Chinese dialect groups do we know?



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2. What is the capital of China?



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3. What is considered to be a major staple food in the South of China?




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4. Which of the following inventions belong to China?



5 / 10

5. What is China's longest river?



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6. Do you recognize this famous place in China?



7 / 10

7. How many animals represent Chinese zodiac?



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8. What color is considered to be the most representative in Chinese culture?



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9. Which Chinese word translates as "steamed bun'? 



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10. What is the most popular Chinese surname?



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The average score is 76%


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