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Learn Chinese in Shenzhen with That’s Mandarin (2020-21)

You can take an intensive or part-time Mandarin Chinese course based on your goals and availability, and choose to join a group class or a 1-on-1 class.

Learn Chinese in Shenzhen – Why Choose Us?

  • Immersive Chinese lessons

    The easiest way to acquire Mandarin Chinese as a second language is by studying and living in China. Mixing the language with the culture will give you a deeper understanding of how Mandarin is used to communicate with the natives.

  • A Variety of Courses

    At That’s Mandarin, you can tailor-make any of our Mandarin Chinese courses to meet your goals. We offer a range of study schedules and lesson curriculums that are flexible.

  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen

Learn Chinese in Shenzhen – Chinese Courses in Shekou, Shenzhen

All of our Chinese language courses can be tailored made to your requirements. Contact us and we will help you choose the best course.

1-on-1 Courses

Our 1-on-1 Chinese courses offer full flexibility on the class schedule and lesson curriculum. You can choose any topics you’re interested in and determine your own learning pace for maximum efficacy.

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Intensive Group Courses

The intensive Chinese course consists of only up to 6 students in a class to ensure students still get personalized teaching. You will be grouped with other students of the same Chinese level.

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Part-Time Group Courses

Learn Chinese effectively in a part-time course as the class is made up of max. 6 students and our teaching methods have been proven to help students aquire Mandarin fast and easily.

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Summer Chinese Programs

The Summer Chinese Program will take your Chinese level to at least a level higher. The Mandarin lessons will focus on speaking and listening skills with an option to learn reading and writing.

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HSK Preparation

The HSK preparation class will help you to pass your HSK exam with flying colours. You will take a mock exam and learn valuable tips and methods on how to tackle each exam section under time pressure.

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Chinese Visa Program

This program is for students who want to come to China to stay for a few months and improve their Chinese language skills. You will be able to apply for a Chinese visa to enter and stay here legally.

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Learn Chinese Online

Our online classes can be taken anytime, anywhere via Mandarin Cafe, a multi-functional Chinese learning platform that features live video classes, self-study materials and progress tracking system.

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Chinese Camp

Every year we welcome over 300 kids and teens at our Summer and Winter Camps, the ultimate fun, safe and educational camp programs in China for Chinese language and cultural learning.

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Teens Immersion Programs

This Chinese program is for teenage students and offers a chance to get the full Chinese cultural experience and to be immersed in a comprehensive and intensive Chinese language program.

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Learn Chinese in Shenzhen – Live and Study in Shenzhen

That’s Mandarin Shenzhen is located in the downtown city area of Shekou, close to public transportations, restaurants and shops. You will be right where all the actions are.

  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • Learn Chinese in Shenzhen
  • That's Mandarin Shenzhen Campus

Learn Chinese in Shenzhen – Special Features of That’s Mandarin Schools


We can help to arrange accommodation for you in Shenzhen, whether it’s a shared or private apartment or a homestay. Let us know your budget and we will give you a few options to choose from. Chick to learn more!


All of That’s Mandarin classrooms are designed to be highly favourable for learning: clean environment with bright lights, comfortable seats, a computer, and a white board.

Main campus space

The lounge area is the place to be while you’re on your break from studying. Here you can sit and relax and meet your fellow international students. We also host our events/workshops in this space.

Free Unlimited Drinks

Freshly-brewed tea and coffee are available at the lounge for all students free of charge. In summer, cold water is available. You can enjoy your drink in the lounge or the classroom.

Learn Chinese with That’s Mandarin – Other Campuses

We have campuses in other cities! Come to Shanghai or Beijing and learn Chinese in China with That’s Mandarin this year.

Contact us now and we’ll help you choose the right course today!

That’s Mandarin Shenzhen

What makes That’s Mandarin Shenzhen, Shekou Campus is a great choice to study Chinese? Watch the video to find out.

  • E-Cool Bldg 1, Room 302, Xinghua Rd, Shekou, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China (view map)
  • (86) 0755-2683 2393
  • shenzhen@thatsmandarin.com

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