COVID-19 in Shanghai After the National Holiday

COVID-19 in Shanghai After the National Holiday | That's Mandarin Blog
Shanghai, the largest city in China, is now facing another wave of the spread of the coronavirus. Many shops and restaurants will remain closed until further notice. As Shanghai is home to the largest number of expats in China, many of them wonder what they need to bear in mind during this special period.

Here are five questions that you may be interested in knowing the answer to.

1. Growth in Cases

Increase in Covid-19 cases | That's Mandarin Blog
Q: What led to the increasing number of confirmed and asymptomatic cases in Shanghai?

Generally speaking, a small wave of the spread of the coronavirus can be observed in Shanghai after a “seven-day national holiday”. It’s mainly because many local people choose to travel to neighboring provinces as part of their plan for the National Day holiday and Spring Festival holiday. Unfortunately, some of them test positive after they’ve arrived in Shanghai, which leads to the fact that all the local public places they’ve been to are put in lockdown in order to prevent the further spread of the COVID-19. More importantly, all the people they’ve been in contact with are to be taken to special quarantine sites for self-isolation.

2. Self-Quarantine

Increase in Covid-19 cases | That's Mandarin Blog
Q: Where can I self-quarantine?

There are a couple of possible answers to this question. If you are informed that you are a close contact of a confirmed case, you will be expected to carry out a seven-day self-isolation either in a designated hotel or a makeshift hospital. However, if you are identified as a secondary close contact of a confirmed case, it’ll be possible for you to stay at home for self-isolation. What you need to remember is that the definition of “staying at home” in this case implies that you’re not allowed to leave your apartment during the whole self-isolation period. Food and daily necessities will be delivered to your place by volunteers.

3. Centralized Quarantine Sites

COVID-19 makeshift hospitals | That's Mandarin Blog
Q: What do the makeshift hospitals look like this time?

Although the number of confirmed cases during this wave is incomparable with what happened in April, all the close contacts (even if you’ve never talked to a confirmed case but you live in the same building or compound) are still moved to special quarantine sites for self-isolation. Instead of allocating thousands of people in an exhibition center or a huge indoor stadium, the makeshift hospitals this time consist of individual container-like units and are located in different areas across Shanghai. Each room is equipped with a single bed, a toilet, a sink and an air conditioner. The biggest drawback of carrying out self-isolation in one of these makeshift hospitals is that it’s impossible to take showers when staying there.

4. PCR Tests

COVID-19 pcr tests | That's Mandarin Blog
Q: Do I need to take PCR tests on a regular basis?

Right after Shanghai finished its two-month lockdown at the end of May, All the local residents were required to take a PCR test every 72 hours to prevent the massive spread of the coronavirus across the city. Ironically, some local citizens describe this process as “prolonging their lives”. There are a few places such as cinemas that even require a negative test result within the previous 48 hours.

5. Traveling options

Shanghai | That's Mandarin Blog
Q: Am I able to leave Shanghai at the moment?

If you have a green code, you can leave Shanghai anytime you want. Nevertheless, in consideration of the fact that there are quite a few areas in Shanghai that are marked as ”medium-risk areas“, you’re expected to take a PCR test before leaving the city and be put in quarantine after arriving at the destination.


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