Chinese language may seem difficult at the beginning. That’s why lots of people afraid to start learning it. We’re here to convince you that you shouldn’t be afraid! With the right strategy and motivation, you can master Chinese. And one of the best ways to study Chinese is… of course, in China. On this page you will learn how long it may take you to study the language, and where it is best to do it. Study in China can be challenging, but it’s nothing compared to the excitement and the knowledge you will gain.

Many foreigners are puzzled by this question as there are a quite a few choices available for them. In order to answer this question, you need to take your budget and personal preferences into account.


You are into Chinese culture and want to have a taste of authentic Mandarin Chinese? Then Beijing can be the
ideal choice for you as it’s not only the capital, but also the cultural and political center of China. More importantly, the modern standard Chinese has developed based on Beijing dialect.


If you are looking for fascinating job opportunities and would like to live in a modern area surrounded by skyscrapers, then Shanghai is your destination. Being the financial center of China, Shanghai offers numerous job opportunities for both Chinese and foreigners. What is more, at the end of 2015, the amount of “non-Shanghainese” took up to 40% of the total population of Shanghai.


Shenzhen is located in the southeast of China and serves as a bridge connecting Hong Kong to Mainland China. Moreover, It is one of the cities where China’s reform and opening-up started in the 1970s. Shenzhen features a large number of contemporary buildings, amusement parks, and shopping destinations. If you aim to understand modern China better and enjoy tropical climate and vegetation, our Shenzhen program would be an ideal choice!

There are many factors need to be considered, for example, what courses do you take, how often do you get to practice with your Chinese friends, etc. We have schools in large cities like Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai and offer a variety of courses, for example, 1-on-1 classes, small group classes, summer classes, etc. Unlike studying Chinese at university, most of Chinese language schools provide a more conducive learning environment for students to quickly improve their language skills in a short time using efficient learning methods as the teachers focus on each individual student’s performance. Generally speaking, by attending a Chinese language school:

  • 3 months

    After Learning Chinese for 3 months you should be able to conduct basic daily conversations after three months of study.

  • 6 months

    In 6 months you will be able to use simple Chinese sentences to express your own opinions or thoughts.

  • 1 - 2 years

    1-2 years of systematic study give you the opportunity to pass HSK3 (intermediate level), this means you can comfortably discuss a wide range of daily topics.

  • 5 years

    After five years of studying chinese you will find there is a big gap between intermediate level and advanced level (HSK5 – HSK6), it will then take a considerable amount of time to master the knowledge to pass these two exams as they require students to demonstrate a deeper understanding of the Chinese language such as understanding idioms.

It depends on what you need. HSK is China’s standardized test to test foreigners’ Chinese language proficiency. It’s classified into 6 levels, with level 1 being the lowest, and level 6 being the highest. Of course, obtaining a Chinese proficiency certificate certainly has its advantages.

  • Reason 1

    First of all, it certifies the possession of Chinese language skills when applying for a job in China, in fact, more and more companies have started to ask for a Chinese proficiency certificate when they hire foreign employees, some companies even state it in the job description as a requirement.

  • Reason 2

    Second, if you are a student and would like to enter a Chinese university, it fulfills admission requirements when applying to different types of schools at various levels in China. Third, it’s also an advantage to hold a Chinese proficiency certificate when applying for a work visa in China. Therefore, if you plan to study or work in China, it would be wise to take HSK test. However, if you are in China just to travel or visit a friend, no need at all.

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