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3 Chinese Wedding Facts Explained

by | Sep 5, 2019

chinese wedding facts

Superstition, honour and tradition all play their part at a Chinese wedding. Here’s 3 Simple Facts About Chinese Weddings to keep you in the know.

Unfortunately, nowadays in China, especially in the cities, a traditional Chinese wedding can hardly be seen anymore. In modern society, weddings are usually celebrated by gathering bride and groom’s friends together to have a lavish meal in a luxurious restaurant. But now let’s take a look at 3 Chinese wedding facts about traditional Chinese wedding.

1. Superstition: Birth Date Matching

Back in the day, before a wedding took place, a matchmaker was sent by the boy’s family to the girl’s family to enquire about her name and date of birth. Once collected their names and birth dates would be sent to a fortune teller to see whether their marriage would be good match. Only after the fortune teller confirmed that the marriage would have a “happy ending”, could the wedding then take place.

2. Honour: Betrothal Gifts are a Must at a Chinese Wedding

After both families agreed to the marriage, the boy’s family would then send betrothal gifts to the girl’s family. Many items can serve as betrothal gifts in a traditional Chinese wedding, for example: clothes, jewelries, gold, silver, etc. However, when it comes to modern Chinese wedding, cold hard cash turns out to be preferred gift. The bride’s family also have to prepare a dowry. The amount and quality of the dowry will determine the bride’s future status in her husband’s family.

3. Tradition: Chinese Wedding Bridal Sedan and 3 Bows

In former times, the rich would use a bridal sedan to welcome the bride on the wedding day. The loud tunes of piping and drumming accompanied the bride while she was being transported to the groom’s home. Once she had arrived, the couple would perform three formal bows. The first bow was to Heaven and Earth. The second was to show respect to the elderly in front of their relatives. The third bow was to each other. These three bows are still performed at most weddings today. On the other hand, the use of a bridal sedan is not so common anymore.

What are the wedding traditions in your country? 
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