How to Get to Our Chinese Language School

All our campuses are conveniently located downtown, close to the subway and bus stations.

Here’s the ultimate guide to getting to our campuses in China (Beijing and Shanghai).


Beijing Campus

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By Taxi

Taxi service is the most convenient way to get to any point you need. Besides, our campus is located in the city center, only within 5-10 minutes from Sanlitun and Workers’ Stadium. Just show the taxi driver the address or call us:

北京市东城区新中街7号2号楼 (Xinzhong Street No.7, Bldg 2, Beijing)

Call (+86)10-84489799 and we will guide the driver for you.

By Subway

You can get to our school by taking Line 13 or Line 2 to Dongzhimen Station.

Then take Exit C and walk straight.

Turn right at the traffic light. Walk straight till you get to a building called 微电子写字楼 (Wēidiànzi Xiězìlóu). Walk in the door and you’ll be in a courtyard. Our school is at Building No.2.

By Bus

There are thousands of buses operating in Beijing with hundreds of routes, so getting almost anywhere within the city limits, as well as reaching suburban areas is possible.

  1. There’re a bus station near our Beijing campus called Dongzhimen Station.
  2. You can easily get there by taking buses 418, 24, 413.
  3. The school is located just 5 minutes away.

On Foot

  1. Coming from Worker Stadium North Road turn left on Xindong Road.
  2. On Xingcun Middle Road walk straight along and you’ll see Holiday Inn on your right.
  3. Continue walking and turn right on Shizipo St.
  4. Walk straight and pass the Police station. On your left there is a building called Weidianzixiezilou (电子写字楼).
  5. Walk in the door and you’ll be in a courtyard. Our school is located at building No.2.


Shanghai Campus

That's Mandarin Chinese Language School

By Taxi

Our Shanghai campus is located downtown, next to Jing’an Temple. If you choose to travel by taxi, just show the taxi driver this address or call us:

上海市静安区愚园路172弄A座23层 (Yuyuan Road No. 172, Bldg A, 23/F, Jing’an District)

Call (021)61520017 and we will guide the driver for you.

By Subway

You can get to our school by taking a Line 7 (orange) or Line 2 (green) train to Jing’an Temple Station.

When you arrive, take Exit 2, turn right, and enjoy a short 5-minute walk to the school passing Jing’an Temple.

By Bus

Travel by bus is more extensive and cheaper than by metro/subway.

There’re a bus station (Jing’an Temple station) on Huashan Road, just next to our main campus building.

There’re 5 buses that stop there: 15, 315, 327, 45 and 830. The school is located just a 5-minute walk away.

On Foot

  1. Take Exit 1 from Jing’an Temple station and turn right. Keep walking till you come to an intersection of Wanhangdu Road and Yuyuan Road.
  2. Cross the road in the same direction. The building is right by the intersection and has a big signboard that says “China Construction Bank”.
  3. Once you’re in the building, take the elevator either on the left or on the right to the 23rd floor. Do not take the elevator in the middle as it only reaches even-numbered floors.
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