The Ultimate Textbook You Need for Survival Chinese (HSK 1)

The Team

Thanks to the team of That’s Mandarin teachers, writers and graphic designers, we have finally launched our first ever HSK textbook. Everything you see in the book is a product of months of hardwork and careful consideration, including the eco-friendly papers we’ve selected to make this book.

The HSK Series

The HSK 1 textbook is only the first of the multi-series HSK textbooks that we are creating. Each textbook is to be used with the purpose of completing each HSK level or to advance to the next chapter of your Chinese language learning. It’s meant to complement our online learning platform, Mandarin Cafe.

Take a Peek

  • That's mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's Mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's Mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's Mandarin textbook
  • That's Mandarin chinese textbook

What’s in the Book

  • 200+ Chinese words with their pinyin and definitions
  • Colour tagged chapters for reference
  • Exercises to test your Chinese knowledge
  • Reading practices to improve your pronunciation and intonation
  • BONUS: Link Word vocabulary learning method

How to Use the Book

When you sign up for a That’s Mandarin Chinese course, this book will be supplementary to your lesson content on Mandarin Cafe. Upon the completion of this book, you will be ready to take the HSK 1 test. 

Where to Get the Book

If you’re in Beijing/Shanghai/Shenzhen, you can come to our school and buy the book in person. If you wish to order your book online, please use the contact form below to get in touch with us and we will arrange for delivery.

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