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We developed our own teaching and learning methods to make Chinese learning easier and produce great results.

  • Leaning methodology
  • That's mandarin online chinese
  • That's mandarin chinese group classes
  • That's mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's mandarin online chinese
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  • That's mandarin chinese classes
  • Mandarin Cafe

    Take your learning experience to the next level with Mandarin Cafe‘s integrated review lessons, class notes and scheduling system.

  • Link Word

    Link Word technique helps students remember and retain new words much better and faster than traditional learning methods.

  • Story Telling

    Improve your understanding of Chinese grammar and sentence structures using meaningful story lines.

Course Curriculum

All of our courses focus on building your speaking and listening skills, with an option to include lessons on
reading and writing Chinese characters.

Survival Chinese

You will be taught everything you need to know to survive living in China and get by easily, such as communicating with taxi drivers, shopkeepers, restaurant staff, etc.

Daily Chinese

You will learn survival Chinese plus additional vocabulary that will allow you to communicate more effectively and have meaningful conversations with the locals.


If you have a specific interest or need, tailor-made Chinese is the right choice for you. Your teacher will customize the lesson content to help you achieve your goal.

Business Chinese

Conduct business more productively in China with our Business Chinese course and learn essential vocabulary that is tailored to your industry or field of work.

HSK Preparation

No matter which level of HSK exam or other Chinese exams you are preparing for, our exam preparation class will ensure you pass your exam with flying colors.

Reading & Writing

Learn to not only speak but also to read and write Chinese characters. Elevate your Chinese skills and create more advantages for yourself in life, in school or in the job market.

Printed Learning Materials

  • That's mandarin textbook
  • That's mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's Mandarin textbook
  • That's Mandarin chinese textbook
  • That's Mandarin chinese textbook

HSK 1 Textbook

We have created our own textbooks to supplement students’ learning over the years. Most recent is the HSK 1 Textbook, meant for general learning or for students preparing to take the HSK 1 test. It is the first one in a series of HSK-oriented textbooks.
To find out more about our new textbook, click the button below.

Lesson Delivery Tools

Speaking & Listening

Your speaking and listening skills will be trained using various methods, including: role-playing, watching and describing scenes from a video, telling a story based on a picture, Q&A with fellow students or your teacher, etc.

Reading & Writing

To improve your reading and writing skills, a variety of tools will be used as practice, such as reading articles, creating sentences using specific words, short essay writing, spelling tests, dictation, etc.

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