Unveiled: New Brand Identity for Chinese Summer Camp

Jan 23, 2018 | Chinese Summer Camp, News

That’s Mandarin is unveiling a new logo for Chinese Summer Camp, a camp program that focuses on Chinese language and culture for kids and teens since its establishment in 2008.

The rebranding of Chinese Summer Camp is a significant move to update its brand identity and includes a change in logo, font and colors.

Chinese Summer Camp 2018 logo square

Why Change the Logo?

The new brand reflects the evolution of the school as it continues to grow in a positive direction and be the most reliable camp provider in China, having hosted more than 2000 campers over the past 10 years.

New Mission 

The design goal of the new logo is to better match the mission of Chinese Summer Camp, i.e. to consistently deliver a safe, fun and educational camp experience to students. The new, updated look will soon be everywhere on our products, websites, social media and other promotional materials.

We value the connection we have created with our students, their parents and educators and we hope the rebranding of our Chinese Camp represents our true values and meets the expectation of our customers.

Chinese Summer Camp 2018 logo horizontal


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Chinese Classes

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Get 2-week FREE Chinese Classes

Original Price: ¥600
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