Hawaiian Party | Shanghai 2019

Jul 13, 2019 | Event Highlights, Shanghai

 While it’s still the rainy season in Shanghai, we decided to move to Hawaii. It’s hot, sunny and fun! ☀️

The party was great! Our amazing staff prepared games, quizzes (with prizes, of course!) and mojitos, and even invited teachers from a salsa studio in Shanghai for a free salsa lesson 💃🏻

We also prepared a quiz game for our students. What do they know about Hawaii? Spoiler: a lot!

There was a lottery too. Three lucky winners got vouchers for free TM lessons. Congratulations to the winners! 🎉

Looking forward to our Beijing and Shenzhen campuses hosting exciting parties soon 💪

Scan the QR-code below and join us. We will be happy to see you at our next party!

QR code for Wechat public account | That's Mandarin


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