Have You Seen Our New Shanghai School? We’ve Moved!

Sep 11, 2017 | That's Mandarin Events

We have exciting news to share!

That’s Mandarin has a brand new location right in the heart of Jing’an district, Shanghai.

Let’s take a look at some of the noteworthy features of the Yuyuan Road school.



We give our new school 10/10 in terms of convenience, with a location literally less than 30 seconds from the Jing’an Temple Metro Station (exit 1) and only 10 minutes from our old Jiaozhou Road school.


Our new address: Yuyuan Road No.172, Building A, 23/F, Jingan District, Shanghai, China 200040 


Compare to our old school on Jiaozhou Road, our newly renovated space is more esthetically pleasing and modern. The interior design features a minimalist style with yellow and white as the base, with flowers and potted plants as the accents. 


Classrooms are equipped with brand new flat-screen TVs and high-end computers. Some classrooms come with windows lined with cushioned benches and with a view of the city!Overall, the classrooms are now even more conducive for studying than before. It’s so comfy you might fall asleep during class, so grab a cup of free coffee/tea from the new lounge! 


Chill out and relax during your class breaks in our lounge and meet your fellow students. The new lounge features an open space with comfortable seating where staff members, teachers and students can socialize and have coffee/tea.Thats Mandarin Lounge



The new school boasts a view you can’t miss. On a clear, blue-sky day, you’ll have a nice view of the city. In the evening, the Jing’an Temple will be lit up in its golden glory. Take a few snaps and send them to your family and friends 🙂


Are you new to That’s Mandarin? You’re welcome to come in for a free trial class, which includes a tour of our new school, and you can enjoy the view!


Click here:
>>> Learn more about our school and courses
>>> Sign up for a free trial class and get free coffee/tea


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