The Best Podcasts to Supercharge Your Chinese Listening

Dec 28, 2020 | Guest Blogs & Media

Learning any new language in today’s world (let alone Chinese!) can be very challenging. However, when you possess the correct tools, learning can be very easy. Additionally, when you the right amount of attention towards learning the new language, adaptation to new words from the language becomes easier. The article will highlight some of the best Chinese podcasts that can supercharge one’s Chinese listening.

The Best Podcasts to Supercharge Your Chinese Listening | That's Mandarin Blog

1. Chinese Classic 101

The podcast is very popular with beginners trying to learn the language. It uses English in most of its episodes to ensure that its listeners understand all essential aspects being taught about Chinese. “Though the podcast offers lessons in English, one may face challenges when they go a level up and begin to learn more complex aspects of the language,” says Alexander Greene, a lifestyle blogger at Solid Essay and Confident Writers. Therefore, one would need to be very good as they advance up in the levels of learning.


2. Popup Chinese

The podcast has its episodes divided into levels depending on the ability of the listener to speak the language. The podcast concentrates on basic Chinese as it is spoken in the Chinese capital Beijing. In most of its episodes apart from the advanced section, the podcast uses different languages that are convenient to the listener. Therefore, people who speak different languages can learn Chinese provided their language is available on the podcast. The podcast provides very creative dialogues that help listeners improve their skills.


3. Chinese Pod

The podcast is considered one of the best learning tools for the Chinese language because it contains practical lessons ranging from beginners to advanced levels. The episodes start with dialogues by the presenters speaking the most common dialect used today. They then discuss their dialogue highlighting different grammatical aspects a listener needs to learn and pay attention to. The presenters make the episodes interesting for the listener which makes learning the language become easier.


4. Slow Chinese

The podcast, written by native Chinese, consists of episodes that discuss current trends and emerging issues in China. The presenters do the presentation very slowly but use highly advanced language. Additionally, for each episode, the podcast posts a transcript directing what the presenters were speaking about. The podcast is used by listeners who want to advance their levels of speaking the Chinese language.


5. Bear Talk

The podcast consists of very long episodes that discuss critical issues relevant to the Chinese native level. Though the podcast is not a source of teaching the Chinese language, it provides essential information about the Chinese community. “Listeners can learn about Chinese culture and the Chinese way of life through the podcast,” notes Amanda Parker, a language writer at Paper-Research and Bee Student. Additionally, the podcast has gained a significant following because of the moderate speed used during a presentation.


6. Dimsum Mandarin

The podcast consists of a free and a premium version. In the free version, the episodes have the conversations presented in Mandarin. The episodes are then followed by a detailed summary which is usually done in English acting as a translation so that the listeners can improve their speaking skills. The premium version, on the other hand, discusses the dialogue in-depth to help listeners understand the language better. The version also includes explanations in English which help listeners comprehend the dialogues better.


7. Talk Chineasy

The podcast is a book series that is very popular with people looking to learn Chinese. The episodes in the podcast are presented in English and concentrate on Chinese vocabulary and phrases. Additionally, it consists of a section that discusses the Chinese culture and tradition which helps listeners get better knowledge about the culture. From different reviews, listeners state that the podcast is very useful to people who want to learn different Chinese words and the culture of the Chinese people. However, if an individual wants to learn the language then the podcast would not be so helpful.


In conclusion, Chinese podcasts help listeners learn the language and move from basic beginner levels to advanced levels. Some of the podcasts offer lessons from their episodes in English which makes it easy for those learning to learn faster. Some podcasts also use moderate speeds in the episodes which helps listeners learn how to pronounce different words and phrases. However, in other podcasts, the presenters only concentrate on the Chinese culture and tradition which provides sufficient knowledge to those interested in the culture.



by Paul Bates

Paul Bates is a foreign language tutor and blogger writing about language peculiarities, grammar tips and sharing knowledge about different cultures. He currently contributes to HuffPost, Medium, EssayBoom, and EssayTask.


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