Top Chinese Dating Apps, Part II

Apr 9, 2019 | Chinese Apps

It’s time for the second part of “Top Chinese Dating Apps”! Last time there were two most popular dating apps and today we have two more to introduce. But they are not typical dating apps, like Tinder, they have some REALLY specific features. Let’s have a look at them.

1. 请吃饭

top chinese dating apps

“Let’s have a meal” is a mobile app for dating by having a meal together. If you want to go out with someone, you can use credits to post a ‘date request’, or you can approve to go to a date requested by someone else.

What are the advantages?


Everyone can propose a dinner date and become ‘a host’. When setting up a new date, you can choose to pay for the meal (我请客), or split the bill (AA). Other people can then see this request, and apply to join the date. The host will see the list of people and chose who he/she likes most.


You always can search for the “I invite” post in the “hot” or “nearby”, and sign up for a diner date.


The app provides a safe environment, so you may rest assured you won’t be cheated. There’s an in-built credit system. You have to increase you credit of trust. This rating will tell other users that you are not a fraud, the restaurant you’ve picked is good, and that you can afford it.


There’re two ways to earn credits. One is to pay (1 yuan – 1 credit). The other one is your number of successful dates – if people liked you, they can give you credits.


The app runs on both Android and iOS.

2. 柏拉图

top chinese datng apps

Plato is a dating app, but it has its own specific features. The main idea is that you first chat with someone, and only then can see his/her face. Awesome, isn’t it? Soul is always way more important than appearance.

What are the advantages?


The main and most interesting feature of that app is that you first have to chat with a person and only then you’ll be able to see his/her face. The photos on both sides of the chat remain vague, and become clearer as you continue chatting. The main idea is simple – first you get to know a person, so you don’t get to judge someone based purely on their looks.


If you are not very good at filling in personal information and describing yourself, you can choose three most likely Plato’s quotes from the 12 offered, which will reveal your true thoughts and your true self.


The system suggests you people closest to your own view of ‘love’.


These’s a function similar to Wechat’s Moments, where you can post you thoughts, or just share your day. The main difference is that you can not only write, but speak too, using the voice recording function.


The app runs on both Android and iOS.


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Have you used any Chinese dating apps? Do you find them convenient? 

Share your opinion in comments below – or tweet us at @thatsmandarin!


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