5 Interesting Facts About Life of Chinese People

Apr 25, 2022 | Life In China

The Most Interesting Facts About Life of Chinese People

If you have the opportunity to study or work in China in the future, you will come across a completely different lifestyle which Chinese people lead daily. Different attitudes towards life can be observed in many aspects of Chinese people’s lives. And many foreigners are curious about life in China. In this article, we would like to tell you five interesting facts about Chinese people’s lives.

Chinese People and Their Culture

1. Red Packets

Red Packets | 5 Interesting Facts About Life in China

A red packet (hongbao) is a red envelope containing a certain amount of money. Red packets play an important role in Chinese people’s lives. Because it’s a tradition for Chinese people to give red packets to their friends on different occasions. For instance, adults give kids red packets for them to buy some new toys and books during the Chinese New Year holiday. In addition, Chinese people usually prepare red packets containing an appropriate amount of money if they are invited to attend their friends’ weddings. In Chinese culture, red is considered an auspicious color and is usually associated with celebration.

2. “Soup” Culture

Soup | 5 Interesting Facts About Life of Chinese People

China is famous for its food culture and there are various types of soup in different regions. Eating soup is an inalienable part of Chinese people’s lives. Chinese people not only eat soup for lunch, but also for dinner. Old people in China believe that a bowl of hot soup has the “ability” to make people calm down and is good for digestion. Therefore, the reason why soup is popular in China is not just that it tastes good. What’s more important is that it’s good for health.

3. Square Dancing

Dancing | 5 Interesting Facts About Life of Chinese People

Square dancing is one of the most popular ways for middle-aged and old people to spend their leisure time. Many of them consider square dancing a type of physical exercise. And it also provides them with an opportunity to make new friends. Moreover, collectivism is the prerequisite for a good square dance performance. It means they will learn to “cherish” their friendship with the other teammates by participating in square dancing. Although many young people often complain that square dancing is very noisy. It’s still prevalent across China because it has more or less become part of Chinese people’s lives.

4. Bargaining

Price Tag | 5 Interesting Facts About Life of Chinese People

It’s not acceptable to bargain with sellers in most European countries. However, bargaining can often be observed in Chinese people’s lives. The reason behind that is probably related to traditional Chinese culture, in which “leading a thrifty life” is considered a virtue. If you have the opportunity to visit a local market (could be a vegetable market or a flea market) in the future, try bargaining with Chinese sellers as there is always room for discounts.

Chinese People and Their Families

5. Strong Family Bond

Family | 5 Interesting Facts About Life of Chinese People

People from most western countries live separately from their parents after they reach 18, and they don’t often visit their parents as they have their own lives and work to worry about. The situation in China is a bit different. Filial piety plays a tremendous role in Chinese people’s lives, and caring for their parents is considered their obligation throughout their lives. Therefore, some grown-ups choose to live with parents if they think their parents might need their help from time to time. However, there are still some people who tend to take this chance to live off their parents.

We hope you’ve learned a little bit more about China. To find out more interesting facts about china and Chinese culture, check out one of our blog posts 7 Things About Chinese Culture First-time Travelers Should Know


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