Chinese Summer Camp: Your Ultimate Guide

Mar 4, 2020 | Chinese Summer Camp, News

Every year when the summer holiday is around the corner, many parents are facing the same problem. How to make their kids’ summer holiday enjoyable but also educational? Traveling abroad has always been one of the most popular options. It provides children with the opportunity to know more about different cultures. However, many parents wouldn’t be happy about a pure “sightseeing journey”. Simply because they have no chance at all to interact with the local people or have an insight into their daily life. Therefore, a summer camp program can be an ideal choice. It will allow children to enjoy a language learning experience while having fun with their peers. Summer camp in China is an amazing opportunity for your kid. Here’s your ultimate guide to the Chinese Summer Camp!

Why choose a summer camp in China?

Why choose a summer camp in China?

Many people plan on visiting China in that they’ve witnessed how fast China’s economy has been growing. Consequently, some parents have been thinking of sending their kids to China to participate in a summer camp. However, they often have concerns about what life is like in China. Especially, when they’re preparing their kids for a Chinese summer camp. Although China remains to be a “mysterious” country to many westerners. But there is actually nothing to worry about when it comes to studying in China. Especially if you choose to study in those big cities like Beijing or Shanghai. Nevertheless, we would still like to offer you some advice on things that kids need to pay attention to when spending their time in China.

Chinese Summer Camp - How to deal with a language barrier?

How to deal with a language barrier?

Learning Chinese is a compulsory part of any Chinese summer camp program. However, Chinese people’s overall English level is hardly comparable to that of people from European countries. Therefore, it would be extremely helpful to learn some basic words and phrases used in daily conversations in advance. So that your kid can cope with simple daily life situations after arriving in China. Moreover, this would more or less stimulate your kid’s interest in further improving his or her Chinese language skills. Besides, campers are encouraged to speak Chinese in class and public places as much as possible. It’s obviously a way to alleviate their language barrier with the local people.

Chinese Summer Camp - What are the most fascinating things about the Chinese Summer camp?

What are the most fascinating things about the Chinese Summer camp?

Chinese Summer Camp - Say hello to different cultures

Say hello to different cultures

As we all know, cultural differences could be a potential barrier when communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds. Therefore, it will be a good idea to know at least a little bit about Chinese culture and traditions before heading to China. In addition, it will be also necessary for your kid to understand the importance of respecting other people’s cultures. This means your kid is expected to hold a tolerant attitude towards things that are considered to be unusual in his or her culture. Finally, attending a summer camp is definitely a good opportunity to make friends with children from different countries.

Chinese Summer Camp - Chinese classes and outdoor activities

Chinese classes and outdoor activities

A summer camp program usually contains two main parts: Chinese classes and outdoor activities. The Chinese classes are designed in such a way that they aim at developing a kid’s overall Chinese language ability covering listening, speaking, reading and writing. That’s why there are different types of class on offer including reading class, video class, Chinese character class, etc. Most summer camp organizers offer group classes only. This means that 4 or 5 kids will study Chinese together in one group. Hence it’s very important to build good relationships with the other classmates.

In addition, typical Chinese cultural activities such as making Chinese dumplings and Chinese calligraphy are available for kids to experience the authentic Chinese culture. As for outdoor activities, all campers will for sure join several excursions and field trips during their stay in China. This is a brilliant opportunity for them to get acquainted with ancient Chinese architecture.

Chinese Summer Camp - Crazy about Chinese food

Crazy about Chinese food

Even though many people are crazily in love with Chinese food, kids are still advised to be a bit careful with Chinese food. The reason behind it is that many Chinese dishes are famous for their spicy and greasy tastes. This is sometimes unacceptable for a “western stomach”.  Fortunately, nowadays western-style restaurants can be seen in most major cities in China. The only downside is that some of them can be very expensive.


Chinese Summer Camp - Stay with a local family

Stay with a local family

It’s definitely worth staying with a local family. Simply because it allows your kid to immerse himself or herself in a pure “Chinese environment”. This means that there is a hidden chance to learn about Chinese people’s lifestyles and habits that are not to be taught in class. There is no need to worry about your kid’s safety. All homestay camp programs treat safety as a top priority.


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