Chinese Slang: 666, or 六六六 (liùliùliù)

Do you know what the popular expression “666” (liùliùliù) means?

666 (liùliùliù) Cool | That's Mandarin Blog


Meaning of 六六六

It has the same pronunciation with 溜溜溜 (liùliùliù) and is very similar to 牛牛牛 (niúniúniú), which came from 牛逼 (niúbī) – “cool”, “amazing” (which is a very colloquial word, by the way). It’s also very close in meaning to 厉害 (lìhai), which means “awesome”.


Connotation of 六六六

In Western countries, this combination of numbers is not considered lucky and even referred to as the “number of the beast
, but in Chinese, it has a very positive connotation.

So next time you talk to your friends online and want to praise them on something, you can just send “666!”


Synonyms to 六六六

So now you have quite a few ways to say “YOU ARE SOOOO COOL”:⠀

💥 666! (Liùliùliù!)
💥 你太溜了! (Ni tài liù le!)
💥 你太6了! (Ni tài liù le!)
💥 你太厉害了! (Ni tài lìhai le!)

Which one do you prefer? And wouldn’t you be afraid of using “666” in the conversation?

And can you think of a sentence to which you can answer with one of the expressions above?


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