Difference between 最后 (zuìhòu) and 终于 (zhōngyú)

Jan 12, 2021 | Chinese Grammar

Do you know the difference between 最后 (zuìhòu) and 终于 (zhōngyú)?

Both words mean “finally/in the end”, but they’re used differently. Let’s master them!


Difference between 最后 (zuìhòu) and 终于 (zhōngyú)

Use ”最后 zuìhòu” when you describe a sequence of events, to indicate that one event was THE LAST to happen:

🔷Xiàkè yǐhòu wǒ xiān qù chī wǔfàn, ránhòu qù mǎi shuǐguǒ, zuìhòu qù kāfēi tīng zuò zuo yè.
🔷 After classes I had lunch, then went to buy some fruit, and then went to a cafe to do my homework.

Use ”终于 zhōngyú” to stress that something happened “AT LONG LAST”:

🔷Zài māmā de bāngzhù xià, tā zhōngyú xiě wánliǎo zuòyè.
🔷With his mother’s help, he finally finished his homework.



To practice, fill in the gaps:

刚开始他不同意,但是 1️⃣ 他 2️⃣ 同意了父母的要求。
Gāng kāishǐ tā bù tóngyì, dànshì 1️⃣ tā 2️⃣ tóngyì le fùmǔ de yāoqiú.

What words would you use in 1️⃣ and 2️⃣? And how would you translate this sentence?

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