Chinese Vocabulary Quiz

Jun 18, 2021 | Quizzes

*drum rolls* Chinese Vocabulary Quiz is here!

(Do you still remember our Chinese Culture and Language quiz?)

Well, it turned out to be a huge hit for our students as well as our staff. Everyone loves a good quiz, especially if it’s a challenging one.

So we decided to challenge you one more time – with this week’s Chinese Vocabulary Quiz!

Chinese Vocabulary Quiz

This time you will also need some skills that you have learned in Chinese classes – all the vocabulary and grammar will come in handy.

Let us know how it goes 👇


Chinese Vocabulary Quiz, Part I

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1. How do you say "cute" in Chinese?

Chinese Language Quiz


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2. Which Chinese character doesn't include the “mouth radical”?


Chinese Language Quiz


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3. How do you say "I love you" in Chinese?

Chinese Language Quiz

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4. What does 666 (liù liù liù) mean in Chinese slang?
Chinese Language Quiz

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5. When was pinyin invented?


Chinese Language Quiz


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6. Can you recognize the characters for "dumplings" (shuǐjiǎo) and "to sleep" (shuìjiào)?

Chinese Language Quiz


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7. Do you know the difference between 还是 (háishi) and 或者 (huòzhě)?  Which answer is incorrect?


Chinese Language Quiz


8 / 10

8. Which of the following phrases does not mean “Goodbye” in Chinese?


Chinese Language Quiz


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9. Do you recognize the characters for xiaolongbao, a typical Shanghainese snack?


Chinese Language Quiz


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10. What's the name of the online platform you can use to learn and practice your Chinese?


NihaoCafe | Learn Chinese online


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