Best Places to Travel in China According to Each Season

by | Apr 14, 2020

best places travel china each season

Is there a place in China to visit on a certain season? China is a 4-season country and each destination in each season is amazing in its own way. And regardless of the time you visit China, there is always a magical destination waiting to be explored in each season. What are the best places to travel in China?

What places are the best to visit in China during the spring season?

Spring in China (March, April, May)

Spring is the most lovable season. You can head towards central south China to celebrate the Sister’s Meal Festival with the Mia and enjoy the colorful traditional clothes, bright silver ornaments, bullfighting, horseracing, and traditional Miao performances. Moreover, riding along the Li River in Guilin with gorgeous scenery is one of the most popular and picturesque scenic attractions in China.

You can have a pleasant vacation in one more secret destination located in southwestern Sichuan, Daocheng Yading, which is reputed as the Soul of Shangri-La and the Last Shangri-La for its distinctive landform and primitive natural landscape. Many international friends come to this mysterious land for expedition and photograph during the spring season.

What places are the best to visit in China during the summer season?

Summer in China (June, July, August)

Summer is the hottest yet the most favorite season of many due to the warm weather. When it comes to China, it can be pretty hot in most destinations, and therefore, it’s the ideal time to hike a mountain and enjoy the nice cool weather. EH Guru recommends Tibet as the number 1 destination. Everest Base Camp in Tibet attracts many travelers with its mysterious culture and pure land. There are beautiful monasteries sitting on snowy mountains, blue skies, crystal clear lakes, and colorful prayer flags fluttering in the wind.

That being so, Zhangjiajie is the second in line for its green trees surrounded by mist on rainy days. It was thrust into foreign travelers‘ minds as the best sight to explore after the movie “Avatar” and which is why now it’s perfect for traveling during the summer to cool you off. 

What places are the best to visit in China during the autumn season?

Autumn in China (September, October, November)

Autumn is the best season for most parts of China. Beijing is worth exploring if you haven’t yet visited and the Great Wall of China lined with trees, for much of its 4,000-mile length, dots the landscape with maple leaves as you walk along the ramparts.

If you want to do some adventure hikingYellow Mountains is a worth discovering natural attraction. With colors ranging from orange to brilliant red, leaves show their rich and vibrant hues all across the mountain range. The sunrise, rocks, waterfalls, oddly-shaped pine trees and the sea of clouds are also included in other highlights. Yellow Mountain is a nice combination to plan along with Shanghai, Hangzhou, and Nanjing as they are at close range and ensure you will have a comfortable time with less winds and rainfalls.

What places are the best to visit in China during the winter season?

Winter in China (December, January, February)

Winter is the coldest cozy time and China’s low travel season of the whole year. Even prices are reduced to encourage off-season travel spending. Although it’s not the most preferred time to travel for various reasons, China has great places to explore if you allow yourself with more space and time

The International Ice and Snow Festival in Harbin is an exciting event to take part in and enjoy your trip to the fullest. The vibrant festival, which lasts for more than two months, is changed into a world of ice sculptures and lanterns sparkling in the frigid air with fanciful and elaborative ice sculptures in the shapes of animals, plants, buildings or motifs taken from legends.


What places do you think are the best to travel in China?


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