From Douyin to Your Screen: Dongbei Floral Pattern

by | Dec 15, 2023

Dongbei Floral Pattern | That's Mandarin

It’s time to explore China’s online world. Discover the coolest people, the latest trends, and more in our new series — Chinese Internet Unfolds. In this article, let’s dive into the Dongbei floral pattern.

东北大花 // Dongbei Floral Pattern

How It Started

Meet Li Meiyue, 李美越 (Lǐ Měiyuè) — an internet celebrity popular for street interview videos. Douyin data shows* that the blogger currently has over 7 million followers, and 120 million likes.

*updated on Thursday, November 30

Limeiyue | That's Mandarin

Chinese Name

Person | That's Mandarin

Lǐ Měiyuè
Li Meiyue


Zhōng Měi hùn xuè
half-Chinese, half-American

Blog Type

duǎn shìpín bózhǔ
short video blogger


In November 2023, the hashtag #让东北大花征服世界 became a hot search topic and attracted a lot of attention from netizens.

Dongbei Dahua | That's Mandarin
Dōngběi dà huā
Dongbei Floral pattern

Ràng Dōngběi dà huā zhēngfú shìjiè
Let Dongbei Floral pattern conquer the world

Limeiyue | That's Mandarin

Li Meiyue started the trend by posting a series of videos of himself strolling down the streets of Paris dressed in outfits with Donbei Floral pattern, making heads turn and eyebrows raise. Lots of people joined in and dressed up too!

Where to Watch

Search for 李美越 (Lǐ Měiyuè) on following media channels:

👉 抖音 (Dǒuyīn), Douyin

👉 小红书 (Xiǎohóngshū), Xiaohongshu

From Dongbei Ayis to the World

If you have ever lived in China, you have probably seen Chinese ayis taking morning walk in their floral pajamas. There are various patterns with vibrant colors, but among them, one pattern seems to represent the spirit of the Chinese ‘ayi’ better: the ‘东北大花’ (Dōngběi dà huā) pattern.

Pajama | That's Mandarin

Dōngběi huā mián’ǎo
Dongbei cotton jacket with floral pattern

This jacket isn’t just a piece of clothes — it’s a statement!

It embodies a deep-rooted cultural heritage that resonates with the northeastern Chinese communities.

Picking Up the Trend

That’s Mandarin joins in! Our international students have embraced the #东北大花 trend on campus too:

TM Students Wearing Dahua| That's Mandarin

TM Students Wearing Dahua| That's Mandarin

TM Students Wearing Dahua | That's Mandarin

Cool, isn’t it? Or as they say in Dongbei:

Gánggáng de!
Awesome; cool (Dongbei slang)

A Day in the Life of That’s Mandarin!

Take a look at the day at our school through the eyes of our students and team:

| City News Service Captured A Day in the Life of That’s Mandarin.


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