How to Pay Your Utility Bills with WeChat

by | Sep 7, 2023

Paying for the bills | That's Mandarin

Navigating everyday tasks and paying bills in China can be quite challenging, especially for the newcomers. In this article, we’ll show you how to pay your utility bills with WeChat, while also picking up some useful Chinese words along the way.

How to Pay Your Utility Bills with WeChat: A Step-by-Step Guide

01. Key Vocabulary for Utilities

Before we dive into the instructions, let’s explore essential vocabulary related to utility bills that can be helpful.

Basic fees

First, let’s take a look at basic expenses vocabulary.

Expenses | That's Mandarin
shēnghuó fèiyòng
living expenses

Water | That's Mandarin Chinese School
shuǐ fèi
water rate

Gas | That's Mandarin Chinese School
méiqì fèi
gas rate

Eletricity | That's Mandarin Chinese School
diàn fèi
eletricity rate

Additional fees

While we’ve covered basic fees, it’s important to note that there are also additional fees, that play a significant role in people’s daily lives.

Internet | That's Mandarin Chinese School
kuāndài fèi
broadband rate

TV | That's Mandarin Chinese School
yǒuxiàn diànshì
cable TV

Heating | That's Mandarin Chinese School
gōngnuǎn fèi
heating fee

02. Utilities Payment

When it comes to online bill payments, WeChat often stands out as the top choice.

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Some bills, such as water bills, may include QR-codes that directly lead to the payment step. However, since not all bills are as straightforward, let’s walk through a step-by-step guide on using WeChat’s Services to make online payments.

Step 01.
Open WeChat ➡️ Me ➡️ Services ➡️ Utilities.

WeChat Utilities | That's Mandarin

Step 02.
Select the bill category you need to pay.

Utilities | That's Mandarin

Step 03.
01. Choose service provider:
Match the characters within the app to those in the utility company’s name, which can be found at the top of your paper bill.

Ensure you select the correct city when choosing the service provider’s name. You can switch cities using the menu at the top of the screen.

02. Enter Household Account Number
Click at 缴费户号 button.

03. Enter an 8-10 digit code.
This code is your household payment number, and you can find it on your paper bill (right next to the characters 缴费户号 / 客户编号). Enter the green button and make a payment.

WeChat Bills Payment | That's Mandarin


jiǎofèi hù hào
payment account number

Have you ever been without water or electricity because you forgot to pay a bill on time? Setting up automatic payments ensures that as soon as you receive a bill, it’s paid automatically, relieving you of the stress of missed payments. Just look for this button in the menu:

zìdòng jiǎofèi
automatic payment

🎉 Congrats, all set! Now you know how to pay your utility bills with WeChat.

We hope that with this guide we could simplify your bill payments. To find out more interesting facts about life in China and Chinese language and culture, check out That’s Mandarin blog.


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