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Learn Chinese in China with our experienced Chinese Language School from 1 month to 1 year, and choose between 20 – 160 Classes while living in Beijing or Shanghai.

You can study Chinese in China and experience the Chinese Language in a completely immersive way with our qualified native teachers.

Contact us to learn about how our long-term courses can make you eligible for a student X2 Visa today.


What’s a day like at That’s Mandarin?


Watch our short video to find out 🙃


What’s a day like at That’s Mandarin?


Watch our short video to find out 🙃


What’s a day like at That’s Mandarin?


Watch our short video to find out 🙃


What’s a day like at That’s Mandarin?


Watch our introduction video to find out 🙃

Our Chinese Language Schools

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Looking for the best Chinese language School? You’re at the right place!

That’s Mandarin currently has Chinese language schools.

That's Mandarin Beijing Campus Chinese small group class

Learn Chinese in Beijing

Dongzhimen area

Learn Chinese in the heart of China – Beijing, its political and culltural capital. That’s Mandarin Beijing school is located in Dongzhimen, the city’s most vibrant expat area.

That's Mandarin Yuyuan Shanghai Campus Chinese lobby

Learn Chinese in Shanghai

Jing’an Area

Learn Chinese in one of the world’s largest cities. Our school is located in a cozy neighbourhood near Jing’an Temple – which creates a perfect place for students to focus on learning.

Chinese Language Courses


Small-Group Online Chinese Course | That's Mandarin
From ¥84

Small-Group Online Chinese Course

Intensive Group Chinese Classes | That's Mandarin Shanghai
From ¥110

Intensive Group Chinese Course in Shanghai

Intensive Group Chinese Course | That's Mandarin Beijing
From ¥110

Intensive Group Chinese Course in Beijing

1-on-1 Private Online Chinese Course | That's Mandarin
From ¥165
Part Time Small Group Chinese Course | That's Mandarin Shanghai
From ¥110
Part Time Small Group Chinese Course | That's Mandarin Beijing
From ¥110

What makes our Chinese Language School so special?

Professional teachers | That's Mandarin

Experienced Native Teachers

Our teachers are have years of experience. Only those who completed our training course can teach Chinese at our language school. We also developed our own teaching and learning methods to make Chinese learning easier and produce great results.

Writing icon | That's Mandarin

Main campus space

Our main hall area is a great space to meet your fellow students and socialize. We also host our cultural events in the main hall, such as calligraphy workshop, dumplings cooking class, and more.

Chinese lessons | That's Mandarin


Our classrooms are all fully equipped with computers, white boards and WIFI access. They have been designed to be bright and welcoming to induce learning. Our comfortable classrooms are waiting for you.

Exercises | That's Mandarin

Free Unlimited Drinks

We provide free, unlimited, freshly-brewed coffee and tea to all of our students. You can have a drink in the lounge area or in the classroom. Whatever you choose, it’s all free of charge!

#5 | That's Mandarin

Tailor-Made Chinese Courses

If you have a specific interest or need and none of our basic courses fits it, tailor-made Chinese is the right choice for you. Our teachers will customize the lesson content to help you achieve your goal.

#6 | That's Mandarin


If you need accommodation, simply contact us and we will help you to find a suitable place. Choose from a shared apartment, a private apartment, a suite or homestay.

Our Services

Services for Students Who Choose to Learn Chinese in China

#1 | That's Mandarin

Airport Pick-up/Drop-off

If you come to China to learn Chinese for the first time and are worried to get lost in a big city, we’re glad to help you and pick you up at the airport.

#2 | That's Mandarin


We can help you find a great place to stay during your visit to China. Choose between homestay, a partner hotel or an apartment studio. Find out more about our accommodation options in BeijingShanghai and Shenzhen.

#3 | That's Mandarin

Visa Support

We can provide you with Student X2 or Tourist Visa and prepare all necessary documents. Just contact us and we’ll help you choose the most suitable type of visa for your visit.

#4 | That's Mandarin

Learning Materials

We can provide you with all the textbooks and learning materials necessary for your Chinese classes. Contact us to learn more about our in-house materials.

#5 | That's Mandarin

24/7 Service

Our course consultants are eager to help you with any questions you have. Struggling to find accommodation? Not sure how to find a perfect samba school? We’re here to help you make the most out of your stay in China.

#6 | That's Mandarin

Survival Handbook

Afraid of coming to an unknown place for the first time? Don’t know how to top-up your phone or where to go shopping? We’ve got you covered! Our staff will provide you with a useful handbook on how to survive in China.

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