6 Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy During the Winter Season

by | Nov 8, 2023

Stay Warm | That's Mandarin

As the vibrant colors of autumn are fading away, winter is coming soon! We’ll share 6 ways to stay warm and cozy during winter.

6 Ways to Stay Warm and Cozy During the Winter Season

01. Eat Dumplings 🥟


During the Eastern Han Dynasty, the Chinese physician 张仲景 (Zhāng Zhòngjǐng) saved a lot of people from a devastating typhoid epidemic. As the winter cold descended, he noticed that many suffered from a severe cold, and their ears were particularly vulnerable to frostbite.

He made a special dish made from mutton, chili pepper and herbs, known for their warming properties. He wrapped these ingredients in dough, shaping them like ears. This is how dumplings were born!

Dumplings | That's Mandarin
chī jiǎozi
to eat dumplings

Today, there is a saying, “Eat dumplings on the day that marks the Beginning of Winter, or your ears will get frostbite”. Thanks to the old tradition, restaurants specializing in 饺子 (jiǎozi) are bustling with customers lining up to get this comfort food.

02. Eat Hotpot 🌶

Hotpot is great for warming up in cold weather. When you dip ingredients such as meat, vegetables, and noodles into the hot broth, they quickly absorb the warmth, raising your internal body temperature.

Hotpot | That's Mandarin

chī huǒguō
to eat hotpot

Sharing a hotpot meal with friends or family often involves gathering around a heated pot, which provides a cozy atmosphere.


Here are hotpot restaurants recommended by our teachers:

Haidilao | That's Mandarin
Haidilao Hotpot restaurant
Sichuan-style hotpot

Coucou | That's Mandarin

Coucou Hotpot‧Brew Tea
Taiwanese-style hotpot

03. Keep a Hot Water Bottle Handy 💧

Hot water in China serves as more than just a means of hydration; it’s a fundamental aspect of daily life. Many Chinese people prefer to consume warm or hot beverages throughout the day, rather than cold drinks.

Drink Hot Water | That's Mandarin
hē rèshuǐ
to drink hot water


Our teachers recommended getting a thermos to experience the local culture. In China, thermos flasks are a must, especially in cold weather, as they keep hot drinks like tea or soup on hand all day.

Thermos | That's Mandarin
thermos flask; thermos bottle

04. Wear Thermal Clothing 👕

Whether you’re out and about in the bustling streets of Shanghai or exploring the landscapes of the Great Wall, you can stay cozy by getting special thermal clothing. Here are some keywords for your Taobao search:

Thermal Clothes | That's Mandarin
bǎonuǎn nèiyī
thermal underwear

bǎonuǎn kù
thermal pants

bǎonuǎn sīwà
thermal stockings


To get an extra warm edition, when shopping online, include the term “加绒加厚” (jiā róng jiā hòu) along with the words above. For example, 加绒加厚保暖裤 (jiā róng jiā hòu bǎonuǎn kù), “fleece-lined-thickened-thermal-pants”.

05. Use Accessories

These items are what you need in China during winter. You can find them on Taobao or ask at a local store:

Heating Fan | That's Mandarin
room heater

Electric Blanket | That's Mandarin
electric blanket

To use an electric blanket and heater safely, it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take necessary precautions.

Warm Pad | That's Mandarin
bǎo nuǎn rè tiē
thermal patch, thermal pad

🤓 These small, portable packs contain heating elements that, when activated, emit warmth for several hours. They can be placed in pockets, gloves, or even stuck to clothing to provide localized warmth.

06. Eat Roasted Vegetables 🍠

Throughout winter, you will see these two popular food items sold in the streets. Roasted sweet potatoes and corn are not only enjoyed for their taste, but also for the warmth they provide during the cooler months.

Roasted Sweet Potato | That's Mandarin
roasted sweet potato(es)

Roasted Corn | That's Mandarin
roasted corn

Take It Further

To discuss winter season in China with Chinese teachers at That’s Mandarin, book a free trial class with them. Experience our classes with a free trial Chinese class. It’s the fastest way to get familiar with our methodology and teachers!
Do you have your own ways of keeping body warm and cozy during winter? Leave your ideas in the comments below or on our WeChat Account.


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