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5 Peculiar Chinese Habits

by | Nov 25, 2022

5 Peculiar Things Chinese People Love to Do | That's Mandarin Blog

Apart from Chinese language learning, many expats in China are fascinated about some the culture-related phenomena that cannot be observed in their own countries. In this article, we would like you to take a look at five interesting facts that reflect the difference between Chinese and western cultures.

1. Drying Clothes in the Sun

Drying Clothes in the Sun | That's Mandarin Blog

In China, a balcony is not a place where you can see a table and a couple of chairs for people to spend some leisure time with their friends. In Chinese people’s opinions, their balconies serve as the idea place for them to dry their clothes. That’s why when it comes to renting or purchasing an apartment, many Chinese people show their preferences for those with a balcony (ideally facing the south for sufficient sunlight).

2. Selling Vegetables on the Ground

Selling Vegetables on the Ground  | That's Mandarin Blog

China is well-known for the huge variety of vegetables. Consequently, they are considered an inalienable part of China’s rich food culture. In most western countries, vegetables can be found at vegetable markets or in special vegetable stores. In China, they can be seen in different kinds of places from supermarkets to grocery stores, even “on the ground”. If you take a walk in some densely-populated residential areas, you may see vegetable retailers selling their products on both side of the streets, placing their vegetables on a thin layer on the ground. In fact, these “stalls” are quite popular among Chinese people mainly because of the “competitive” prices offered for different types of vegetables.

3. Going Shopping in Pajamas

Go Shopping in Pajamas | That's Mandarin Blog

This usually happens to middle-aged Chinese women as the young generation in China pays great attention to their appearance, including their outfits wherever they go. In summer, going to the supermarket in pajamas is considered perfectly fine among middle-aged people in China. It’s not because they don’t care how other people look at them (and those in pajamas wouldn’t draw other people’s attention anyway), but because they feel comfortable walking in pajamas, and nobody would judge them and consider wearing pajamas to be “inappropriate” or “provocative”.

4. No Tipping

No Tipping in China | That's Mandarin Blog

Many foreigners are surprised by the fact that there is no need to tip when eating at a restaurant in China. On one hand, they found it very nice as they can more or less save some money owing to the “no-tipping policy”. On the other hand, they fear that it would be a bit rude if they don’t tip after finishing their meals. What is important here is that tipping is not part of Chinese people’s daily lives, which means Chinese people don’t have the habit to tip when dining out. Meanwhile, waiters or waitresses wouldn’t pull their faces if you don’t tip. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it at all.

5. Napping During Lunch Break

Napping During Lunch Break in China | That's Mandarin Blog

If you work in a Chinese company, you might’ve noticed that some Chinese employees like to take a nap after lunch. The reason for them to do that is because they treat lunch time as a good opportunity to catch up on some sleep as many of them have to get up early in the morning and work overtime till eight or nine. Moreover, it’s generally agreed in China that taking a nap is good for people’s health and helps people improve their work efficiency.


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