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Experience the Miracle: Mandarin Lessons in China

Take Mandarin Chinese lessons in Beijing, Shenzhen, or Shanghai or online and enjoy the benefits

1. Live a fuller life in China

Being able to speak even just the basic Chinese will improve the quality of your life in China. You will have an easy time ordering food in a restaurant, calling a repairman, instructing a taxi driver, etc. No more frustrations of not being able to communicate what you need.

2. Avoid being ripped off by street vendors or shopkeepers

If you can speak Mandarin, you will be able to bargain better with shopkeepers. This of course also depends on your bargaining skills, but just knowing some essential Chinese will help you save some money. Fruits-selling ayis like being sweet-talked to and may give you ample discounts just for being a Chinese-speaking laowai.

3. Job advantage

China has a lot of job opportunities for expats, recent graduates and globe-trotters. To set yourself apart from the other foreign job seekers, you should learn the Chinese language.

Chinese Courses You Can Take

Intensive Chinese Courses

Take an Intensive Chinese course from the best teachers in China to get the best results out of your Chinese study. A diverse range of course curriculum is available, from easy Mandarin to advanced Mandarin.

Benefits of an Intensive Chinese Course

  • Learn more in a short period of time
  • Tailor-made curriculum
  • Private or group classes available
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Part-time Chinese Courses

Part-time courses are suitable for those who have limited time on their hands. With our teaching methods, we will turn challenging Mandarin lessons into easy Mandarin, ensuring you will learn a lot in every class.

Benefits of a Part-time Chinese Course

  • For the time-strapped learners
  • Tailor-made curriculum
  • Private or group classes available
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Our Teaching Method

We make Chinese language easy for you to understand, absorb and apply in your daily life. Watch the video and take a look at one of our methods.

Learn more about our teaching methods and see how we can help you improve your Chinese level.


We’ve taught thousands of students over the years and every one of them has only good things to say about our school. But don’t just take our words for it, see the reviews yourself.


Our Team

We have professional and experienced Chinese teachers and dedicated customer service staff who are ready to assist our students at every stage of their study.

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Our Mission

We want to make Chinese language as easy as possible for non-native Chinese. We hope to provide excellent learning experience and great customer service.

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