Mahjong Nights: Spring & Summer Recap

by | Aug 16, 2023

Mahjong Nights | That's Mandarin

Mahjong Nights at That’s Mandarin always bring a lot of fun and excitement to our students. Let’s take a moment to recap the highlights from the Spring-Summer season of Mahjong Nights.

Mahjong Nights: Spring & Summer Recap

Beijing Campus

Mahjong Nights Beijng | That's Mandarin

Shanghai Campus

Mahjong Nights Shanghai | That's Mandarin

Thank you all who made our Mahjong Nights unforgettable with your enthusiastic participation! Take a look at other exciting events that have taken place at That’s Mandarin. From thrilling on-campus activities to exhilarating field trips, we’ve had a blast together.

Want to Learn How to Play Mahjong?

Our next Mahjong Night is going to happen soon! Come and practice with fellow learners at our NihaoCafe Language Corner in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu on Wednesday, August 30 🀄️
    • Learn all about Mahjong
    • Play mahjong with students and teachers
    • Enjoy drinks & snacks — and make new friends!


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