Shanghai Campus Meeting Room: Where Moments Shine

by | Nov 8, 2023

Shanghai Meeting Room | That's Mandarin

Our Shanghai Campus’ meeting room and terrace area is a cozy corner of the school where amazing things happen. After-class discussions, team’s get-togethers, and culture events! Here’s a visual journey through these cherished moments that capture the vibrant vibes of after-class talks, team happy hours and events.

👫 School Breaks

The classroom doors may close, but the conversations continue. At That’s Mandarin, we bring together a diverse community of students from across the globe. Each class break serves as a nice moment for learners to come together, engage in conversations, and enhance their Chinese language skills over a cup of coffee or tea ☕️


Shanghai Campus Meeting Room 3 | That's Mandarin

Shanghai Campus Meeting Room 4 | That's Mandarin

Shanghai Campus Meeting Room 1 | That's Mandarin

To Talk | That's Mandarin

Shanghai Campus Meeting Room 5 | That's Mandarin

Our school is a lively and joyful place, where Chinese language learning and cultural discovery go hand in hand through conversations and language exchanges.
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👩‍💼 Team’s Happy Hours

Our team recently had a happy gathering to celebrate the launch of the Double Eleven promotional campaign. It was heartening to see all colleagues come together during the Happy Hour and building stronger bonds.

Double Eleven Happy Hour | That's Mandarin

Here’s to more achievements in the future! A big thank you to every team member for their invaluable contribution to That’s Mandarin mission!

That’s Mandarin Events

At That’s Mandarin we host many cultural events. From Mahjong Nights and Mooncakes workshops to wine tastings and games nights, Shanghai campus meeting room it’s where students and teachers unite to learn about Chinese traditions, make friendships, and craft memories.

Mahjong Nights | That's Mandarin

Mooncake Event 2023 | That's Mandarin

Learn Chinese in Shanghai with That’s Mandarin

Learn Chinese in Shanghai with our professional native Chinese teachers, visit Shanghai campus programs page.

If you have questions about our courses, want to sign up for Chinese classes, or want to learn about the upcoming events, contact our course consultant 👇

QR Shanghai | That's Mandarin


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